The Witch's Daughter

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The evidence I gathered during my investigation into the case of The Witch's Daughter is contained in the following three sections:

In June 1999, I received an email from Justin Petit, a high school senior from Washington D.C., asking for my help. He needed information regarding a person named Lee (formerly Louise Irwin), born in Maryland in 1926. It seems Justin found an article tacked to a bulletin board at the Eldersburg Public Library about my mission to solve the mystery of my cousin Heather's disappearance and the entire Blair Witch legend.

Little did I know that Justin's inquiry about Louise Irwin would lead me directly into the heart of the Blair Witch story and into a case I call THE WITCH'S DAUGHTER.

In the course of this investigation, and in my general research of the Blair Witch, I found it necessary to delve deeper in to the ancient Futhark alphabet. Here's what I found.